Squeeze Play - Cyrus Lakdawala (K-6246)


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Language versionsEnglish
SeriesOpening repertoire
Author / AuthorsCyrus Lakdawala
PublisherEveryman Chess
Year of Publication1st edition 2022
Width17 cm / 6.69 inch
Height24 cm / 9.45 inch

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The hero has no advantage whatsoever but somehow manages to keep setting the opponent problems. Their opponent goes slightly astray and suddenly hero has a tiny advantage. It’s not much but now that they have a little something to work with, they are in their element. They play accurately and remorselessly and make life incredibly difficult for their opponent. Suddenly, and almost imperceptibly, their advantage increases. Further tiny inaccuracies follow, hero turns the screw and bags the full point. Their opponent is left shaking their head, wondering where on earth they went wrong.

This is the squeeze and the great champions have been capable of squeezing opponents to death. José Capablanca, Tigran Petrosian, Anatoly Karpov and, in the current era, Magnus Carlsen are legendary in this respect.

How do they do it? How do they set problems in apparently sterile positions? How can they continuously manage to defeat world class opposition from positions that others would simply give up as drawn?

In this book, Cyrus Lakdawala explains the mechanisms commonly used in squeeze plays. Using examples from the world’s greatest strategic masters he unpicks the secrets of the squeeze.


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Squeeze Play - Cyrus Lakdawala (K-6246)

Squeeze Play - Cyrus Lakdawala (K-6246)

How often have you seen a game like this?


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005 Bibliography
006 Introduction
009 1) Blood from a Stone: How Magnus Squeezes Wins Out of Nothing
025 2) The Squeeze: Exploiting a Territorial Advantage
079 3) Exploiting Weakness on a Single Colour
108 4) Exploiting a Superior Minor Piece
145 5) Initiative and Superior Piece Activity
220 6) Exploiting a Superior Pawn Structure
278 7) Exploiting Imbalances
320 8) Accumulating Advantages
372 9) Converting Extra Material
440 10) Winning From Less than Nothing
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