The Millennium ChessGenius Exclusive Chess Computer (KS-10)


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The chesscomputer from real wood with automatic piece recognition
Updateable and with a playing strenght over 2300 Elo.

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Board dimension40 x 40 x 2 cm
Field dimension4.13 x 4.13 cm
Height of the King7.4 cm
MaterialNatural Wood
Language versionsEnglish

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ChessGenius Exclusive is a very flat, handcrafted wooden Sensor board, indicating its moves through 81 single-square lights and especially convenient fully automatic piece recognition.
The computer unit itself is located in a separate casing with a very generous back-lit screen offering a diverse array of display options (similar to the former Mephisto high-end models), which can also be used as a chess clock during a game.

The convenience of the fully automatic board is excellent, especially the high recognition speed and
reliability. There is no need to look at the computer display during the game thanks to the brightly lit 4 LEDs per square on the board.

The cable connection between the casing and the sensor board provides a modular setup allowing for hardware to be exchanged effortlessly and software updates to be performed via the integrated USB port. This can be used to save chess games or download opening libraries.

The hardware is powered by an ARM Cortex M7 processor with a speed of 300MHz and a large flash memory and RAM. These powerful specs provide a playing strength in the range of 2300–2400 ELO (tournament skill level).  


Dimensions Chess board, approx. 40 x 40 x 2 cm,
King height approx. 7.4 cm
Hardware specifcations ARM Cortex M7 / 300 MHz / 2048 KB ROM / 384 KB RAM
Entering chess moves Hand-crafted wooden sensor board with fully automatic piece recognition
Display of chess moves 81 single-square LEDs (4 each per square)
Display options for the LCD screen Separate chess clock module with very large display (73 x 39 mm), adjustable lighting and flexible
display options (chess clock, multi-line information display, chess board display)
Future expansion options Software updates via USB port,
hardware module is fully exchangeable
USB port options Saving and loading games (PGN format),
optional download of opening libraries, frmware updates or engines
Power supply Power pack for international sockets included (EU, UK, US)

Program ChessGenius by Richard Lang, developed on the basis of the famous world championship-winning programs
Playing strength
(tournament skill level)
> 2300 ELO (at tournament level)
Difculty levels Infnite number of difculty levels with variable settings; fun levels (makes mistakes on purpose),
easy levels (limits the number of calculated moves), speed and fast chess, tournament chess
with/without Fischer’s clock, etc.
CPU speed Variable confguration from 50 – 300 MHz
Opening library Choice between the Classic London Book (57,000 positions)
and the new Master Book (> 300,000 positions by M. Uniacke)
Menu operation Cursor-operated menu; info display scrollable in 5 lines;
7 language settings available
Two-player mode For entering games and analyses
Take back moves Take back and repeat an unlimited number of moves
Extensive features Display of suggested moves
Display of position rating and main line
Display of permanent brain calculations
Display of the calculation depth and number of moves analysed
Easy entering of chess positions (using automatic piece recognition)
Position control with board display
Analysis mode with countless options
Alternative moves
A wide variety of settings (display contrast, turn board, calculation speed,
chess clock left or right, chess trainer etc.)


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The Millennium ChessGenius Exclusive Chess Computer (KS-10)

The Millennium ChessGenius Exclusive Chess Computer (KS-10)

The chesscomputer from real wood with automatic piece recognition
Updateable and with a playing strenght over 2300 Elo.


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