Yasser Seirawan - Legendary Chess Careers (K-5099/2)


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Publisher: Chess Evolution
Edition: 2016
Pages: 126, Paperback medium
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-83-934656-4-1

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Language versionsEnglish
Year of Publication2016
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My original idea was to publish my interviews with legendary players all together in one book. When I saw the Timman book, I realised that Chess Evolutions idea to publish them separately was the better choice.

Dear Reader, after the Timman and the Portisch book, I now off er an interview with Yasser Seirawan. The former long-time American number one had a quite different career. It had a diff erent trajectory, the Dutch and the Hungarian player were very good at the early stages, but the peak of their career came in their mid thirties, while Yasser broke into the chess elite like a rocket, his peak came much earlier and his career was shorter. I find it very exciting to look into his best, and most important, games in detail and to learn about his personality. Listening to his words, in my opinion, can be very useful for those who want improve their chess.

For all of their help, I would like to express my gratitude to: John Donaldson, John Marble, and William Paschall.

Most of all, I`d like to thank Yasser for giving me the interview.

Happy reading!

International Master Tibor Károlyi was Hungarian Champion in 1984 and is renowned as an author and trainer. He won the Guardian Book of the Year prize in 2007 and coached Peter Leko until he became a world class grandmatser.

In this book, the author drives you through the very rich chess career of Yasser Seirawan while interviewing him. This unique concept makes the book easy to read and gives the reader some inside information about what is happening also off the board, things you normally don`t get to know about.

John Donaldson on Yasser Seirawan:

"No player in the history of American chess has combined the qualities of top level player (twice qualifying for the Candidates) and ambassador for the game the way Yasser Seirawan has. His many contributions as a player, author, journalist and promotor speak for themselves but Yasser will also be remebered for his good sportsmanship and fine manners. He is truly one of the great gentlemen of chess".

International Grandmaster, Adrian Mikhalchishin:

As a trainer with more than 35 years` experience at the highest level, I know just how important chess education is - and this is not only dedicated to openings, or calculation, but also our chess history - to respect our great predecessors and to understand how chess developed into the game that we all enjoy today.


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Yasser Seirawan - Legendary Chess Careers (K-5099/2)

Yasser Seirawan - Legendary Chess Careers (K-5099/2)

Publisher: Chess Evolution
Edition: 2016
Pages: 126, Paperback medium
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-83-934656-4-1